Power versions:
HAKL MKX-2 2207         4,5/7 kW     20+16 A     2 x 230 V
HAKL MKX-2 2209     5,5/9 kW     25+16 A     2 x 230 V
HAKL MKX-2 2211     5,5/11 kW     25+25 A     2 x 230 V


Electric flow water heater, electronically operated with pressure operation

i001 Pressure mode
i004 Electronic switching
i005 Switching power YES
i006 Level of protection IP 24
i008 Voltage 2 x 230 V


  • installed to pressure-free and commonly available water faucets
  • 6 bar pressure mode with switching from 0.06 MPa
  • electric switching by a control unit
  • wiring of 2x230V, optional heating power
  • immediate and continuous water heating up to 50 °C
  • option to switch performance modes (winter / summer mode)
  • electrical two-stage protection against overheating of the coil

HAKL MKX design and parameters were developed from the MK model series. It is intended for a demanding customer, who requires comfort and even greater saving of electricity consumption. Simple manual switching of performance modes of the heating coils can be used by the customer when using, for example, the sink and shower faucet. During shower, there is an increased demand on the amount of hot water and the water heater operates at full capacity. In the case of the sink, half capacity is sufficient.

Two power levels can be applied to all year round operation, especially in the winter, when the water is colder and an increased heating capacity finds its use.

Other specifications are the same as for the HAKL MK model series.


Model Power input Current Voltage Wather press min. Wather press max. Protection class
HAKL MKX-2 2207 4,5/7  kW 20+16 A 2 x 230 V 0,08 MPa 0,6 MPa IP 24
HAKL MKX-2 2209 5,5/9  kW 25+16 A 2 x 230 V 0,1 MPa 0,6 MPa IP 24
HAKL MKX-2 2211 5,5/11  kW 25+25 A 2 x 230 V 0,12 MPa 0,6 MPa IP 24


HAKL MKX-2 2207 HAKL MKX-2 2209 HAKL MKX-2 2211
Input 4,5/7 kW 5,5/9 kW 5,5/11 kW
Wash basin ●●● ●●● ●●●
Kitchen ●●● ●●● ●●●
Shower ●●● ●●● ●●●
Number of consumption points 2 2 3

Key: ●●● three symbols indicate the maximum suitability of application