Power versions:
HAKL BD 50v     50 l     2,0 kW     10 A     230 V
HAKL BD 80v     80 l     2,0 kW     10 A     230 V
HAKL BD 100v         100 l     2,0 kW     10 A     230 V
HAKL BD 120v     120 l     2,0 kW     10 A     230 V


Electric storage water heater with vertical design.

i001 Pressure operation
termostaticke_spinanie Thermostatic switching
i010 Top installation
Volumes 50 l, 80 l, 100 l, 120 l
i024 Input 2,0 kW


  • Steel tank protected with double titanium enamel coating
  • Tank with excellent thermal insulation
  • Thermal circuit breaker preventing the heating coil from overheating
  • Frost-resistant thermal safety switch to prevent water freezing in the storage tank
  • Anode bar extending the useful life of the storage tank
  • Thermostat with setting options and heating indicator
  • Safety valve with a return flap included in the pack
  • Console with variable width for heater installation

HAKL BDv electric water heaters are part of the product range of pressurised steel storage tanks. The long useful life of these storage tanks is ensured by the double layer of titanium enamel and the inbuilt anode bar. The additional indication “V” (BDv) means a cylindrical shape design in vertical pozition. The water temperature and heating regulation and connecting hoses are therefore on the bottom of the cover.

The heating coil output is designed to allow fast heating of the water in the storage tank without overloading the electrical grid. The thermal circuit breaker included in the standard design provides a higher degree of protection against coil overheating in critical situations. The required water temperature can be set with the thermostat knob. The frost-resistant safety switch prevents water from freezing in the water heater and damaging the vessel. The thermostat with this setting does not switch on the heating coil at regular temperatures but protects the water heater from freezing if the ambient temperature declines significantly. A safety valve is delivered as standard with the HAKL BDv storage water heaters.


Model Insulation thickness Max. water temperature Heating time from 10 °C to 50 °C Min. switching water pressure Max. permanent water pressure. Ingress protection
HAKL BDv 50v 3,8 cm 75 – 80 oC 1 hours 21 minutes 0,02 MPa 0,6 MPa IP X4
HAKL BDv 80v 3,8 cm 75 – 80 oC 2 hours. 9 minutes 0,02 MPa 0,6 MPa IP X4
HAKL BDv 100v 3,8 cm 75 – 80 oC 2 hours. 41 minutes 0,02 MPa 0,6 MPa IP X4
HAKL BDv 120v 3,8 cm 75 – 80 oC 3 hours 14 minutes 0,02 MPa 0,6 MPa IP X4
  1. Double titanium enamel
  2. Thermal insulation 3.8cm
  3. Anode bar
  4. Heating coil 2000W
  5. Return thermal safety switch
  6. Frost-resistant safety switch
  7. External thermostat
  8. Sheet-metal flange with greater thickness
  9. Universal fastening system


HAKL BD 50v HAKL BD 80v HAKL BD 100v HAKL 120v
Volume 50 l 80 l 100 l 120 l
Wash basin ●●● ●●● ●●● ●●●
Kitchen ●●● ●●● ●●● ●●●
Shower ●● ●●● ●●●
Bath ●● ●●●
Number of consumption points 1 2 2(3) 3

Key: ●●● three symbols indicate the maximum suitability of application