HAKL production – sales – service

We are located in Ivanka pri Dunaji, about 8 km from Bratislava. Construction began on the production complex in 1996, and today we have over 1,000 square metres that house our production facility, warehouse, and retail shop. Our complex includes a two-storey office building where we have a training centre, our sales division, and our corporate offices. The philosophy behind the production of HAKL products is based on a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, from the initial idea about a product’s usability, through design, production, and finally reliable operation. Our network of service centres in Slovakia and our trained sales support staff form the foundation of the standard services we provide to our customers. With a tradition of over twenty years of sales in Slovakia, we have earned a firm position on the market.

TÜV ISO 9001

To strongly emphasise the quality and reliability of HAKL products, in 2006 the company’s management took the decision to obtain ISO quality management certification. This standard strictly lays down the requirements for management processes within the company and sets the criteria high not only for production, but for product sales and service as well. Every product is subject to rigorous final testing according to the German TÜV ISO 9001 certification.

We are making constant improvements in respect of ecology and the environment according to the relevant directives, which includes the product take-back recycling programme. TÜV ISO 9001 certification has helped us to more effectively pursue our product and services goals.


Our many years of experience developing and manufacturing water heaters have allowed us to easily meet the strict requirements imposed by the European Union for product energy labelling. We take this obligation very seriously and we work in conjunction with the testing institute SZU s.p. in Brno, Czech Republic. Their testing has shown that HAKL water heaters are consistently rated in the highest energy efficiency class.

Household appliances in the European Union have carried energy labels for over 15 years, but as of 26 September 2015 the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive has also required energy labels on water heating products. This directive only applies to products placed on the market on or after 26 September 2015; all other products purchased before that date and products already available for purchase in retail shops do not require retroactive labelling. Since the goal of all these legislative processes is to meet the EU 20-20-20 strategy to increase energy efficiency, increase the percentage of renewables use, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at HAKL we believe it is important to manufacture and sell environmentally friendly products.

Energy label description:

    1. Name or trade mark of manufacturer, supplier
    2. Model identifier
    3. Water heating function, including declared load profile
    4. Water heating energy efficiency class
    5. Annual electricity consumption in kWh in terms of final energy, rounded to the nearest whole number
    6. Indoor sound power level LWA, in dB, rounded to nearest whole number
    7. Calendar year in which label was created
    8. Title of the delegated Commission regulation (EU) determining the appearance and data on the energy label